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Candidate must have knowledge in database management

Candidate must have excellent communication skills

Candidate must have knowledge in I.T. 



Security Men


Laundry Men/Women

Recruitment Officers




Content Writers

Job Description

Candidate must have a degree in any field with at least a year experience after national service.

Female candidates are required between the ages of 23-25 years.

Working Knowledge of the French language  is a must.

Candidate must have experience from either marketing, transport or distribution companies.

Willingness to travel often is a major requirement.

Candidate must be a voracious reader and must be broad minded.

Passport size photos must be attached to resumes when applying.



  • Build value for our stakeholders:
    • To manage, and control, marketing communications projects, and the people who implement them, in accordance with project plans and financial targets.
  • Build value for  Group:
    • Drive the development of our creative ability, raising the bar of Big Idea and concept development, design, copy writing, photography, artwork, etc. to be comparable to a world-class agency.
    • Develop people around him/her to deliver World Class creative outputs and as potential successors to him / her when he / she leaves.
    • Drive innovation of services to unleash new revenue streams.
  • Meet key performance goals:
    • Client satisfaction, people management, business development and profitability.
    • An innovator.


·         Excellent understanding of marketing communications – able to specialize in 3600experiential marketing (Activation / Event Marketing / Sponsorship / Social Marketing) solutions.

·         Excellent in conceptualizing ideas and then taking them through the creative process to deliver World Class creative outputs (across all media – Live included)

·         Strong customer service, self-motivation and time management skills required.

·         Excellent presentation and client management skills.

·         Tact and negotiation skills.

·         Proactive in developing clients business.

·         Must be an effective project leader, a clear communicator and consensus builder, highly organized, very detail-oriented and able to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously.

·         Must have strong management skills and be able to work with talented staff and motivate them to challenge their own limits and skills.

·         Must be comfortable working in a demanding, fast-paced environment under tight deadlines.

·         High proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign). As well as in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

·         Experience in developing collateral while following corporate guidelines.

·         Print/graphic design, copywriting and web aesthetics experience.

·         Good IT skills.

·         Ability to direct and multitask effectively under pressure.

·         Ability to manage, support and grow team around them as the engine room of the agency.

·         Ability to prioritise and identify problems - offering solutions.

·         Ability to conceptualize and to direct concepts through design and execution.

·         Follow up and tenacity with results/deadlines.

·         A good knowledge of aesthetics and sales (will push the envelope creatively but knows what will sell and meet the needs of the client’s campaign objectives).

·         Strong leadership–able to lead teams in brainstorming and concept development.

·         Must be an innovator.

·         Has an open and friendly personality.

                                             Responsibilities and duties


·         The Creative Manager (CM) is responsible for the overall supervision of the agency’s creative product (both design and copy).

·         The CM interfaces with the Country Manager, Strategic Director, Client, the Account Management teams and other creatives .

·         The CM is responsible for helping formulate and implement the strategic plan that has been developed and interpret it into the “the big idea”, working with in-country design team to bring this to life.

·         The CM helps assign and manage all of the agencies creative projects, bringing in outside vendors as required and on approval.

·         The CM approves all key client creative work before it is presented to the client.

·         Most of all, the CM has a vision about the importance of the creative product to the future success of the agency.


·         Directs the 3600( called  Live+) creative product at the agency and strives for excellence in everything from concept to completion of every project we work on.

·         Works closely with Country Manager, Account Teams; Strategic  Director and Operation’s Team in a consulting arm to drive business with key and selected clients.

·         Works closely with Country Manager, Strategic Director and others identified for developing and driving “King of African Insights” requirement for the Group.

·         Works closely with Country Manager, Strategic Director and others identified for developing and driving Live+ in-country.

·         Assists with training requirements of Creative Teams, Brand Interface Ambassadors and operational teams (on Brand Experience to be delivered) as of when needed.

·         Works closely with Country Manager and Account Management teams to solve marketing problems through smart, well-designed advertising and collateral materials that help sell product, and maintain good image for clients and agency.

·         Manages the Creative/Production of (ADs, Copywriters, Production Artists, etc.).

·         Attends creative input meetings on projects  personally worked on to develop creative strategies and solutions and implements all creative requirements including copy, layout, illustrations, final art and photography.

·         Attends creative input meetings with in-country design teams (adhoc basis) to oversee and manage their creative outputs, including copy, layout, illustrations, final art and photography.

·         Is called on request of Country Manager and Account teams, or by his/her own request, to “sell” creative at client presentations.

·         In concert with procurement and Op’s Team, on projects he works on, selects vendors for jobs and is involved along with the creative team in signing off final art, color proofs, etc.

·         Drives the discipline of the creative team to take responsibility for the final outputs they develop for the campaigns (I.e. Not just leaving it to procurement, OP’s and CS teams to do).

·         Supervises full time Senior Art  Designers, and interns work.

·         Has oversight on selection and management of all freelance services.

·         In conjunction with Strategic Director and recruitment team is responsible for interviewing and screening applicants for creative positions within the Group.

·         Represents the agency at creative/professional/civic functions.


·         Develop a constructive relationship with the in-Country Management Teams, and identify the areas to support them as well as use them most effectively.

·         Direct and develop staff to ensure all are performing their relevant job functions for the specific projects.

·         In conjunction with Strategic Director, Provide motivation and leadership to maximise job performance.

o   Ensure and maintain discipline within the creative team.

o   Ensure company processes and policies are followed.

·         Encourage the flow of information and knowledge within and between creative teams.

To deal with staff issues in a professional manner


·         Implement efficient working practices, systems, time management and staff training against company  processes and policies.

·         Direct the implementation of agreed projects and approve all project briefs, timelines and artwork.

o   Review and sign off finished Artwork of key clients before it is presented to client and review Artwork of in-country creative teams on an ongoing and adhoc basis to ensure they are meting company expected standards.

·         Ensure that all projects meet the desired  company standard of quality and Brand Experience offering.


·         Maintain familiarity with the Agency’s standard Terms and Conditions of Business.

·         Ensure the financial policies are followed and adhered to by the creative team at all times.

·         Ensure any creative development costs are approved and agreed with Country Management before spending.

·         Maximise the profitability of the Project:

o   Streamlining processes.

o   Widen project margin thru effective creative management – not reducing quality output.

·         Monitor billings (billings schedule) on a regular basis with the aim of driving additional growth and revenue for the agency.

·         Develop a comprehensive understanding of the agency’s terms and conditions of procurement and ensure that they are followed.

·         Produce an annual business plan (including finances) for his / her Creative Business Unit, identifying opportunities and KPI’s to grow the business


Build value for our stakeholders:

    • To manage, and control, marketing communications projects, and the people who implement them, in accordance with project plans and financial targets.

Meet key performance goals:

    • Client satisfaction, business development and profitability.


Excellent understanding of marketing communications – able to specialize in experiential marketing and / or sponsorship marketing.

Excellent presentation and communication skills.

Tact and negotiation skills.

Ability to work with numbers.

Proactive in developing clients business.

Project management skills.

 IT skills.

Ability to prioritize and identify problems - offering solutions.

Works well under pressure

Has an open and friendly personality



  • Set-up account management systems for each client’s business.
    • Develop a strong relationship with the Client on a day-to-day basis.  Attend regular meetings and ensure that their expectations are fulfilled.
    • Obtain a clear and comprehensive brief from the Client.  Contribute to the preparation and presentation of proposals for new projects.
    • Monitor Clients’ brands, industries and markets, and competitive activity.  Become familiar with changes and trends and be prepared to provide a summary of this information to Clients.

o   Participate in regular status meetings with account team and assist with management of projects and plan work accordingly.

o   Ensure policies and processes are followed in day to day business activities. These include:

Policies:   Finance, HR and IT (including back-up of information).

Processes:      Sixth SenseTM Marketing; Measurement and Evaluation (of projects); Internal Briefings; Brand Ambassador Training and Client Service maintenance and management (Contact reports – after every meeting ; Activation reports – weekly, monthly and on completion, which covers a full summary and evaluation of value created  for the client as well as next phase of activity proposal.)


  • Ensure all jobs are scheduled on time and to budget, and monitor progress.
  • Brief Production (internal and external) and staff agency.
  • Produce accurate and on time contact reports, and ensure they are distributed and agreed with client. Ensure that all points are actioned.
  • Understand and use relevant marketing tools.
  • Participate in strategic planning and co-ordinate the implementation of tactical projects.
  • Ensure that the Creative Department is provided with a clear and comprehensive brief. 
    • Plan and control the production of artwork ensuring that it is completed on time and within budget.  Proof the work, obtain country manager approval and present to the Client.  Obtain written approval, from the Client for all finished artwork before printing.

 Evaluate subsequent proposals and present selected work to the Client.

  • Obtain thorough debrief on all proposals to enable effective project management
  • Liaise with the Operations Manager to select, negotiate and oversee suppliers to ensure that their work is produced on time, within budget and that it achieves the required standard.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of promotions by monitoring feedback and obtaining quantifiable results.
  • Participate in generating new business through industry relationships and previous experience to increase billings/revenue


  • Ability to understand and work within clients’ budget.
  • Maintain agreed profitability margins.
  • Ensure all quotations and IN / OUT costs are accurate.
  • Monitor outgoing costs. Ensure client invoicing is correct and timely.
  • Participate in updating the monthly Billings Sheet and plan to achieve teams target.
  • Liaise with Operations Manager to ensure competitive quotes are always obtained
    • Ensure maximum GP and payment terms are obtained.
    • Ensure supplier queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently by all team members
  • Monitor WIP on a monthly basis and ensure that invoices, purchase orders etc, are issued promptly.


  • Assist Management in managing assigned staff and developing for roles of greater responsibility.
  • Delegate work to executive in line with their ability to complete it to the required standard and within the required deadline. 
    • Monitor the workflow of each individual and assist them with setting priorities on a daily basis if required. 
    • Work with the Account Director to ensure that the team is used to maximum effect, using all resources and aiding the development of individuals.
  • Contribute to the performance appraisal of staff and to developing their motivation.





Role focus : Should be on Consumer Research, Research Design, Research Analysis & Interpretation.

           Role involves the collection and collation of data, analysis of data and making  deductions for reports as well as to show market/industry trends.

       Build value for our stakeholders:

    • To lead and undertake Research work for the Agency , and it’s clients, conducting and delivering detailed research work to  reflect required outcomes /expectations.

  Meet key performance goals:

    • Client satisfaction, business development, profitability and staff performance.


  •  Excellent orientation in Consumer Research /Mathematics and Stats plus relevant work experience
  • Excellent understanding of marketing communications
  • Good understanding and Usage of relevant (statistical) software and tools
  • Excellent skill in analyzing and interpreting results from research conducted.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • Tact and negotiation skills.
  • Must possess field specific technical language relevant in the job area.
  • Proactive in developing clients business.
  • Extensive IT skills.
  • Ability to prioritize.
  • Ability to identify problems and offer solutions.
  • Work well under pressure.
  • Open and friendly personality


   The candidate to handle /possess the ff:

o   Handle quantitative/qualitative data(review this data, perform statistical and mathematical operations and determine relation through  analysis)

o   Data review: To forecast future trends based on (Global, Industry, Consumer and Market trends), using relevant software.

o   Adapt, select and use appropriate/relevant software and tool for work

o   Summarize gathered info/data to the understanding of non tech personnel/ clients showing relationships of research to their work.

o   With informed outcomes from research conducted and justifications, to make recommendations to Management/Client to aid in decision making.