Enhancing your interview skills

Curriculum Vitae commonly called CV includes a summary of your educational and work history as well as professional qualifications, research, publications, presentations, awards, honors and affiliations, core competence in a chronological order.

Normally, when I meet people scouting for jobs with their CVs not well organized or containing irrelevant information, I cannot help but wonder why that should be so because the CV is suppose to sell you even in your absence.

A Job interview is a conversation between an employer and a prospective employee where there is an exchange of information which allows the employer to evaluate the personality, communication skills, attitude, values, motivation, interests and technical skills of the prospective employee for the purpose of filling a position.

Interviews also provide the platform for applicants to: 

  • obtain information about the organization
  • sell yourself and skills to a prospective employer

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By Michael Sampene

Recruitment Consultant