Project Leader


 Understand the project at hand and attend the brainstorming session
 Generate a Project Work Plan for each job from Brief to conclusion
 Generate an production brief, review with and circulate to all involved in the project
 Enlisting, Control, Training and mentoring project staff
 Scheduling Compile / monitor and control of route lists
 Assist with budget development for projects
 Petty cash management, including weekly reconciliations
 Monitor, control and issue stock and POS
 Prepare a check list and critical path of all the things that need to be done and implemented for every project. And review this list with all projects staff before commencing with project as well as throughout the project
 Ensure a dry run or rehearsal for all events and projects to guarantee maintaining the standard of pre-production and of shows / Events in accordance with client briefs
 Setting up and running of Events and Projects with a HANDS ON APPROACH
 Conducting client field visits
 Building and maintaining relationships with Suppliers and stake holders.
 Maintaining in good order vehicle fleet, stages, equipment within project
 Ensure all projects run in accordance with client briefs, and to the highest standards
 Constant liaison with client service regarding information and all operational issues.
 Accountable and responsible for control of operations budget
 Compiling reports in a timely manner


• Good understanding of marketing communications and of experiential marketing.
• Project management skills.
• Tact and negotiation skills.
• Ability to work with numbers – Budget & Reconciliations.
• Extensive IT skills.
• Ability to prioritise.
• Ability to identify problems and offer solutions.
• Work well under pressure.
• Open and friendly personality.
• Good administrative skills
• Ability to meet deadlines
• Ability to “make a plan” in a crisis
• Good people interaction
• Good leadership and motivational qualities
• Team player
• Sense of humour
• Driver’s license


Job Description: Project Leader / Event Coordinator 
Operations Budget:
• You will have input into the operations budget and thereafter have it signed off by Management.
• Once administration have completed the invoice memo and printed out the Operations budget take to accounts.
• Draw up payment schedule (should you be out for more than 2 weeks). Liaise with accounts timeously so that monies may be made available for your operation.
• Draw up your project schedule stipulating time of warehouse loading, event set up etc.
• Draw up your crew list, get client service approval and notify them of impending event.
• Draw up payment schedule and hand to accounts, who will pay team after the event.
• Have individuals sign contract form.
• Ensure the team has the right equipment to enable them to carry out their duties.
Equipment/Loading at warehouse
• Draw up the equipment list as per the budget. Have it signed / approved by operations management.
• Notify warehouse date of collection and when equipment will be returned.
• Present equipment list to warehouse.
• Organize that loading of equipment is completed systematically and that soft equipment is segregated from hard equipment.
• Load vehicles according to what will be needed first, second etc at the venue, e.g Lights loaded in first as they are the last to be put up at venue.
• Due care is to be taken when loading to avoid damages.
• Sigh receipt of the equipment. You hold one copy while warehouse will hold the other.
Load In:
• Organize load in to the venue as per the event schedule.
• Demarcation points to be designated for when equipment removed from the vehicles. Please ensure that equipment is NOT strewn all over the place but rather placed within easy reach of team, but not causing an obstruction hazard.
• Adhere to the planned schedule to meet up with deadlines.
• Ensure that all safety requirements are met on site and crew are aware of the positioning of fire extinguishers.
• All sundry equipment to be secured back into the vehicles if not needed.
The Event:
• The crew to have on fresh uniforms.
• Crew not needed at the event should be sent to rest/sleep in preparation of strike.
• You are to liaise closely with client (if in attendance) and be attentative to their needs.
• Adherence to the show flow is essential for the success of the event.
• Following the event you should strike in reverse order and load into the vehicles.
• Again take care to ensure no damage to equipment.
• Return to the warehouse.
• Return equipment into designated cages and sign off as equipment returned with warehouse.

Reconciliation of Accounts:
On return and within 3 days you are to reconcile all monies made available to the project and submit to accounts. Documentary support of monies spent is required.

 100% accuracy on reproducing activations detailed in approved client proposals
 Positive feedback from client service per project handled
 Performance per each project handled; comparison done between report and final approved client proposal
 Controls, systems and procedures established and adhered to
 Prompt and efficient report back to client service and relevant interna;l and external staff on all projects handled within agreed reporting deadline upon completion of tasks as well as any changes to schedules and activities
 Mutually agreed upon deadlines for reports to be met 100% of the time


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