Ideation / Copywriter Manager


You will be responsible for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact. The role involves listening to clients and understanding their needs before making design decisions; As well as write copy for use during marketing activation campaigns to promote goods and services of our clients. Your work is required for a huge variety of creative deliverables in and around the strategic solution to answering Client’s briefs.


Excellent understanding of visual communications – able to specialize in experiential marketing and / or sponsorship marketing.

• Excellent presentation and communication skills.

• Ability to translate briefs, choosing appropriate media and style to meet Client’s objectives

• Proactive in developing creative ideas and concepts.

• Be highly creative and imaginative, and curious about clients' products or services

• Be skilled in writing clear, concise, compelling and grammatically correct copy

• Understand the different language styles that appeal to various target markets

• Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Work well in a team and with a range of creative people

• Be able to work under pressure and manage workloads effectively

• Be highly self-motivated and well organised

• Be able to see other people's points of view and take on board feedback

• Possess good leadership, people and project management skills

• Ability to handle multiple projects at the same time.

• Ability to work well as part of a team in a collaborative environment.

• Excellent attention to detail.

• Energy, stamina and the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines and demanding targets.

• Commercial awareness.

• High levels of creativity, imagination, initiative and enthusiasm.

• Interest in commerce, popular culture, and marketing communications trends and techniques.

• Up-to-date knowledge of industry software and applications

• IT skills.

• Ability to prioritise and identify problems - offering solutions.

• Works well under pressure.

• Be able to work to meet all deadlines

• Has an open and friendly personality.


Your role involves managing more than one design brief at a time and allocating the relevant amount of time according to the value of the job. Typical activities include:

• Meeting clients or account managers to discuss the business objectives and requirements of the brief;

• Interpreting the client's business needs and developing a concept to suit their


• Estimating the time required to complete the work and providing timelines;

• Executing design briefs by gathering information and data through Creative Council and research;

• Thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts;

• Using innovation to redefine a design brief within the constraints of cost and time;

• Presenting finalized ideas and concepts to your departmental head and then account managers;

• Working with a wide range of media, including photography and computer-aided design (CAD);

• Proofreading to produce accurate and high-quality work;

• Contributing ideas during Creative Council brainstorms and design artwork to the overall brief;

• Demonstrating illustrative skills with rough sketches;

• Working on layouts and artworking pages ready for print;

• Keeping abreast of emerging technologies in new media, particularly design programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Acrobat, Dreamweaver and Flash;

• Developing interactive design;

• Working as part of a team (internal & external) with printers, copywriters, photographers, illustrators, other designers, account executives, web developers and marketing specialists.

• Be proactive in presenting or 'pitching' of ideas and designs to the departmental head and/or prospective clients.

• Extensive knowledge of production processes and materials for both 2D and 3D deliverables.

• Relevant knowledge of photography and video production works to incorporate when required by clients.


• Write copy for use during marketing activation campaigns to promote goods and services of our clients.

• Present drafts and ideas to clients.

• Discuss with the client the product, activation themes and methods, and any changes that should be made in the copy.

• Vary language and tone of messages based on product and medium.

• Consult with sales, media and marketing representatives to obtain information on product or service and discuss style and length of advertising copy.

• Edit or rewrite existing copy as necessary, and submit copy for approval by supervisor

• Developing creative ideas and concepts, in partnership with the Creative team

• Familiarizing yourself with the clients' products and services, and their target audience

• Updating digital media;

• Brainstorming visual and copy ideas with other members of the creative team

• Modifying copy until the client is satisfied


Strategy Manager


Strategy is a never-ending process of defining and redefining goals and objectives, developing strategies, and evaluating advertising results.


• Familiarization with all aspects of the companies Strategy Department operations

• Ensure acquisition of a sound knowledge of each and every service that we currently offer.

• Suggest & implement improvements in both Internal Strategy as well as brand Strategies for the various brands the company works on, in collaboration with the Head of Strategy.

• Areas of responsibility include, but are not restricted to, developing a cordial and engaging relationship with our internal teams as well as Clients.

• Defer to the Head of Strategy for direction in reference to the day to day performance of your duties


The Strategy Manager provides market research, strategic insights, and guidance in the development of (Brand & Behaviour Change) and Live+ strategies in support of the Head of Strategy. This includes:

• Building value for the companies stakeholders:

o To create, manage, and control, strategic requirements in accordance with client briefs and challenges.

- You will be required to research, consult, create and deliver a range of Communications strategies that align with business and specific project objectives.

- You will meet with key stakeholders to thoroughly understand their Brand needs

and challenges and then compile and roll out complex Live+ experiential strategies

and provide sound advice and support where required.

• Building value for the Group:

o Assist the Head of Strategy to Drive the development of our strategic deliverables in the country, raising the strategic bar of:

1. how to engage consumers and activate demand

2. concept development to be comparable to a world-class agency.

o Assist with innovation of services and outputs in-Country to unleash new revenue streams.

o Assist Head of Strategy to implement Use OSTM to create measurements for all our campaigns and share internally and with client

o Update Head of Strategy with required input for Presentation of quarterly trend analysis

showcasing latest trends in merchandising, Experiential, tech related brand trends,

consumer trends and purchase habits.

o Work with the Insight Manager to compile regular market data on brands and brand Tool

o Assist the Head of Strategy to Drive the implementation of the company’s Sixth Sense™ Tool

• Meeting key performance goals:

o Strategies for Live+ Experiential Campaigns that deliver results for our clients, Pitch Rate Success, Client satisfaction, business development and profitability.

• Assist the Head of Strategy to Execute and interpret research that enables the agency to keep in touch with the market and understand what the consumer wants.

• Work with Head of Strategy and Insight Manager to identify and develop strategic brand/business drivers through market, competitive landscape, and audience insights.

• Work with Head of Strategy and Insight Manager to develop & deliver strategic recommendations built from customer insights.

• Identify and communicate opportunities to improve team performance by improving processes.


The Strategy Manager must:

o be analytical

o be a problem solver

o be innovative

o have exceptional communication skills

o have excellent interpersonal skills

o have influencing and engagement skills

o have a high level of judgment

o have the ability to guide and coach

• Values:

o dependable

o attention to detail

o adaptability / flexible

o integrity

o achievement / effort

o independence

• Excellent at speaking in front of an audience.

• Good Listener.

• Excellent understanding of requirements in line with experiential marketing (Activation /

Event Marketing / Sponsorship / Social Marketing) solutions.

• Strong customer service, self-motivation and time management skills required.

• Excellent project management skills and in problem solving.

• Must be an effective leader, a clear communicator, highly organized, very detail-oriented and able to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously.

• Must have strong management skills and be able to work with staff and clients to motivate them to challenge their own limits, skills and deliverables.

• Good judgment and decision making.

• Tact and negotiation skills.

• Proactive in developing strategic thought / documents that will lead into creative conceptualization for the campaign and to activate demand.

• Must be comfortable working in a demanding, fast-paced environment under tight deadlines.

• High proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

• Ability to multitask effectively under pressure.

• Ability to prioritise and identify problems - offering solutions.

• Ability to conceptualize and to direct concepts through design and execution.

• Follow up and tenacity with results/deadlines.

• Strong leadership – able to lead teams in, in country project brainstorming and seek help with creative concept for concept development.

Has an open and friendly personality.


Strategy & Innovations:

• Execute and interpret research that enables the agency to keep in touch with the market and understand what the consumer wants.

• Identify and develop strategic brand/business drivers through market, competitive landscape, and audience insights.

• Develop & deliver strategic recommendations built from customer insights.

• Assess results from prior and current client campaigns and perform competitive analyses and/or audience assessments to develop brand strategies & plans, and recommend additional research as appropriate.

• Support the Head of Strategy to create various reports, briefs and documents based upon identified strategy & insight needs:

o Develop internal discussion guides for new business opportunities.

o Analyze market research and insights data to identify key business and market insights.

o Create internal (and external) briefs/concise presentation on various strategy & insight needs/trends.

o Monitor industry and marketing trends and create internal & external insight reporting based on current trends or “hot topics”.

• Identify and communicate opportunities to improve team performance by improving processes.

• Assist Head of Strategy to provide support to the Country Manager on business development opportunities (RFIs, RFPs, pitch presentations and client accounts, including the creation of internal pitch team & client deliverables and/or participation in conference calls and presentation meetings).


• The planning process begins before research and continues after the advertisement is run.

o Firstly, the Strategists, usually in tandem with the account management team, meet with

the client to define marketing and advertising objectives.

o Then the Strategist defines the appropriate Live+ experiential campaign strategy. Research results are considered, and the evaluation of the insights is worked into a detailed marketing and advertising plan.

o With the client’s approval, this plan becomes the blueprint for the agency's Live+ experiential campaign strategy (creative and media program).

• Recommend market research tactics to gain insights for client/agency needs.

• Coordinate with Insight Manager/ Head of Strategy to create subsequent qualitative insight reports that identify key findings and segment audiences by opportunity.

• With support of Insight Manager ,Build audience personas and segments based on audience insights and analytics data.

• Assist in social media monitoring reporting and recommendations.

• Stay up-to-date with trends, insights, learnings and best practices in marketing, communications, experiential marketing (Activation, Event, Sponsorship & Social



• Develop a constructive relationship with other units, and identify the areas to support them as well as use them most effectively.

• Encourage flow of information & knowledge within teams and projects.

• Deal with issues in a professional manner.


• Implement efficient working practices, systems, time management and staff training against creative processes and policies.

• Direct the implementation of projects he works on and approve all project briefs, timelines and strategies relevant to this.

• Ensure projects meet the desired standard of quality and Brand Experience offering.


• Maintain familiarity with the Agency’s standard Terms and Conditions of Business.

• Ensure the financial policies are followed and adhered to at all times.

• Ensure strategic development costs are approved and agreed with Head of Strategy and Country Manager.

• Identifying opportunities and KPI’s to grow the business.

• And any other responsibilities that may be required of you by management.


SBCC / Social and Behaviour Change Communication




         The role is to Manage, Mentor and Build the  Social Marketing

business and team in Ghana and to support similar development of

business and teams across the group, especially West Africa as needed.

         To support the Group Social Marketing Director and Country

Management to innovate and implement SBCC/Social Marketing projects

across the continent.

Key Responsibilities

         Source and bid for new business in Ghana

         Work within the Country strategic plan to develop the capacity of the

Ghanaian SBCC/Social Marketing team.

         Implement the strategic tools and approaches of  Social Marketing on

all projects and support innovation and development of these tools and


         Build relationships with partners and clients in Ghana

         Work closely with the Business Directors to develop unique social/viral


         Manage and mentor the Ghanaian SBCC/Social Marketing team on a day-

to-day basis.

         Oversee the Measurement team (M&E) support of the SBCC/Social

Marketing projects.



         Degree/s in Public Health/Social communications/MBA or other related


Minimum of 7 years practical experience in SBCC/Social Marketing projects

funded by an international donor plus minimum 3 years experience in


         Clear understanding of behaviour change communication and experience

in designing and implementing projects.

         Needs to be a team player and prepared to travel across Africa.

         Experience working in other business environments outside Ghana, would be

an added advantage.

         Excellent marketing skills.

         An added advantage would be to speak French but it is not a requirement.

         Strategic thinker. Proactive in developing clients business. Meet broader

Behavior Change objectives.

         Fluent, clear and articulate in verbal communication with the ability to

convey interest and enthusiasm when presenting.

         Well-developed inter-personal skills and experience in interacting with

senior stakeholders.

         Knowledge of digital and social technology.

         Advanced Project Management skills.

         Proven leadership experience managing teams, coaching and mentoring

individuals; Ability to lead, motivate and influence others.

         Excellent time management, numeracy skills and attention to details

         Tact and negotiation skills.

         Assertive and able to take charge of a situation when appropriate with the

ability to make business decisions.

         Focused through finance – Budgeting and business analysis; Ability to

work with numbers.

         Ability to think in terms of business management including

demonstrating cost effective ways to increase productivity, manage

expenses, etc.

         Result oriented and goal driven.

         Ability to identify, prioritize and offer solutions to problems.

         Ability to work well under pressure.

         Open and friendly personality.

Other Responsibilities


         Develop a constructive relationship with team members and identify the

areas in which their support and advice can be used most effectively.

         Support the development of an annual plan for growth with each assigned


         Ensure effective delegation and management within the team to generate

the optimum use of resources to maintain the staff/profitability ratio.

         Provide motivation and leadership to maximise job performance.

         Encourage the flow of information and knowledge within and between

business units

         Deal with staff issues in a professional manner.


         Review and sign off all:

         Budget plans.

         Work Plans.

         Ensure that all projects meet the desired  standard of quality and

Brand Experience offering.

         Review all reporting and measurement:

o From Field to Client.

o To drive agency value as a “results driven strategic partner” that

delivers real and meaningful brand value.



         Maintain familiarity with the Agency’s standard Terms and Conditions of


         Ensure the financial policies are followed and adhered to by the business

units at all times.

         Ensure budgets are agreed and approved with clients.

         Ensure that all projects are within budget and meet the agreed profit


         Maximise the profitability of the Social Marketing Business Unit:

         Actively engage with Procurement and Finance to ensure that debts are

promptly collected.

         Develop a comprehensive understanding of the agency’s terms and

conditions of procurement and ensure that they are followed by all

members of the Account Group. 

Produce an annual plan for the Business Group identifying opportunities and

allocating responsibilities to grow the business.

Marketing Jobs





         Build value for our stakeholders:

o          To manage, and control, marketing communications projects, and the people who

implement them, in accordance with project plans and financial targets.

         Meet key performance goals:

o          Client satisfaction, business development and profitability.



         Set-up account management systems for each client’s business.

o          Develop a strong relationship with the Client on a day-to-day basis. Attend regular

meetings and ensure that their expectations are fulfilled.

o          Obtain a clear and comprehensive brief from the Client. Contribute to the

preparation and presentation of proposals for new projects.

o          Monitor Clients’ brands, industries and markets, and competitive activity. Become

familiar with changes and trends and be prepared to provide a summary of this

information to Clients.

o          Participate in regular status meetings with account team and assist with

management of projects and plan work accordingly.

o          Ensure policies and processes are followed in day to day business activities. These


Policies:         Finance, HR and IT (including back-up of information).

Processes: Sixth SenseTM Marketing; Measurement and Evaluation (of projects);

Internal Briefings; Brand Ambassador Training and Client Service

maintenance and management (Contact reports – after every meeting ;

Activation reports – weekly, monthly and on completion, which covers a

full summary and evaluation of value created by company for the client

as well as next phase of activity proposal.

         Ensure all jobs are scheduled on time and to budget, and monitor progress.

         Brief Production (internal and external) and staff agency.

Produce accurate and on time contact reports, and ensure they are distributed and agreed with

client. Ensure that all points are actioned.

         Understand and use relevant marketing tools.

         Participate in strategic planning and co-ordinate the implementation of tactical projects.

         Ensure that the Creative Department is provided with a clear and comprehensive brief.

o          Plan and control the production of artwork ensuring that it is completed on time and

within budget. Proof the work, obtain country manager approval and present to the

Client. Obtain written approval, from the Client for all finished artwork before


         Evaluate subsequent proposals and present selected work to the Client.

         Obtain thorough debrief on all proposals to enable effective project management

         Liaise with the Procurement Manager to select, negotiate and oversee suppliers to ensure

that their work is produced on time, within budget and that it achieves the required


Evaluate the effectiveness of promotions by monitoring feedback and obtaining quantifiable


         Participate in generating new business through industry relationships and previous

experience to increase billings/revenue.



         Ability to understand and work within clients’ budget.

         Maintain agreed profitability margins.

         Ensure all quotations and IN / OUT costs are accurate.

         Monitor outgoing costs. Ensure client invoicing is correct and timely.

         Participate in updating the monthly Billings Sheet and plan to achieve teams target.

         Liaise with Procurement Manager & Operations Team to ensure competitive quotes are

always obtained

o          Ensure maximum GP and payment terms are obtained.

o          Ensure supplier queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently by all team members

         Monitor WIP on a monthly basis and ensure that invoices, purchase orders etc, are issued



Assist Management in managing assigned staff and developing for roles of greater responsibility.

         Delegate work to executive in line with their ability to complete it to the required standard

and within the required deadline.

o          Monitor the workflow of each individual and assist them with setting priorities on a

daily basis if required.

o          Work with the Account Director to ensure that the team is used to maximum effect,

using all resources and aiding the development of individuals.

         Contribute to the performance appraisal of staff and to developing their motivation.



Management of all sponsor relations, fulfillment of agreements and maintaining relationship

with our sponsorship clients.

         Development and implementation of our sponsorship properties, ensuring that at least two

are launched and effectively implemented each year.

         You will also work with other departments and staff to ensure that all sponsor deliverables

and obligations are fulfilled.

         The development of solicitation materials, proposals, presentations, reports and other

sponsorship documents as and when necessary.

         Deal with all aspects of the Sponsorship Management process, i.e., Property development,

Proposal Writing, Budgeting, Managing Campaigns, and Reporting etc.

         Ensure corporate benefit requirements are implemented including signage, logo placement,

block seating, special promotions, talking points, receptions, and all sponsorship related


         Ensure revenue generation from Sponsorship Activities.

         You will ensure compliance with sponsor requirements, provide information to sponsors on

the results of their giving and recognition provided; and take responsibility for ensuring

sponsorship recognition occurs.

         You will be responsible for finding creative ways to appropriately thank and recognize

corporate sponsors with a coordinated approach to acknowledgment and recognition.

         Any other relevant responsibilities to be assigned by management.


Plan, develop, implement and monitor all project activities for the company and its clients to

meet agreed project protocols and within agreed budgets and timescales.

Preparation of detailed project implementation plans, with relevant critical path, and direct cost budget being attached.


Ensure all work for clients meets highest level of quality and timeliness and is within budgetary




         Understanding of marketing communications.

         Excellent communication & Presentation skills.

         Tact and negotiation skills.

         Ability to work with numbers.

         Proactive in managing client’s business.

         Project management skills.

         IT skills.

         Ability to prioritise and identify problems.

         Works well under pressure.

         Has an open and friendly personality.



Marketing Openings

  • Strategy Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Account Executives


  • Assistant Sales Manager
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager
  • Security Guards
  • Housekeepers
  • Waiters and Waitresses

HR AgencyJobs

Business Development Manager


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