Business Unit Manager (Marketing / Client Service) - Senior Management

General Management
• Contribute to the strategic direction of the Agency.
• Develop and implement the stated policies, procedures and guidelines of the Agency.  Ensure that they are maintained.
• Continually update own skills and competence. Maintain and develop professional stance both internally and externally.
• Carry out specific projects to assist the management team in general management.
• Highlight issues to the Management which affect the morale of the Agency.
• Facilitate good relationships between group companies, departments and suppliers.
• Bring any significant changes (and/or issues), to the client relationship or to the Account Group, to the attention of the management team.

Staff Management
• Develop a constructive relationship with the Management Team, and identify the areas in which their support and advice can be used most effectively.
• Oversee account teams to deliver an efficient, effective and profitable service to clients.
• Ensure effective delegation and management within the team to generate the optimum use of resources to maintain the staff/profitability ratio.
• Direct and develop staff to ensure all are performing their relevant job functions.
• Provide motivation and leadership to maximize job performance.

Manage staff performances and facilitate staff career development.

Ensure and maintain discipline within the account team.

Ensure company processes and policies are followed.

Ensure staff appraisals are carried out at least once a year and that they are true reflection of the member of staff’s performance.

Make recommendations on financial rewards and promotions for individuals.

• Encourage the flow of information and knowledge within and between account teams.
• To deal with staff issues in a professional manner.

Project Management
• Implement efficient working practises, systems, time management and staff training against companies processes and policies.
• Direct the implementation of agreed projects and approve all creative briefs and artwork.

Review and sign off finished Artwork and ensure that written approval is obtained, from the Client, before going to print.
• Ensure that all projects meet the desired company standard of quality and Brand Experience offering.

Financial Management
• Maintain familiarity with the Agency’s standard Terms and Conditions of Business.
• Ensure the financial policies are followed and adhered to by the account team at all times.
• Sign off all cost estimates for the account team.
• Ensure budgets are approved and agreed with clients before work begins.  Revise as necessary.

Ensure that the fee arrangement is agreed before work commences and that the agreement is subsequently enforced.
• Ensure that all projects are within budget and meet the agreed profit margin.
• Maximize the profitability of the Account Group:

Review all work in progress regularly, and maintain a negative billing status.
Streamlining processes.
Maximize and increase client relationships and budgets.
Widen project margin thru effective ops management.

• Monitor billings (billings schedule) on a regular basis to:
Monitor income versus target
Revise the annual income projection each month to assist with the companies’ cash flow management.
Report these figures to the general manager on a monthly basis and conduct quarterly reviews of your account portfolio.

• Sign off all sales invoices.
• Ensure that debts are collected promptly.
• Develop a comprehensive understanding of the agency’s terms and conditions of procurement and ensure that they are followed by all members of the Account Group.
• Produce an annual team and financial plan for the Account Group identifying opportunities and allocating responsibilities to grow the business.


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