Consumer Research Analyst - Entry Level

  • Client satisfaction, business development, profitability and staff performance.
  • Knowledge and Skill
  • Excellent orientation in Consumer Research /Mathematics and Stats plus relevant work experience   
  • Excellent understanding of marketing communications   
  • Good understanding and Usage of relevant (statistical) software and tools   
  • Excellent skill in analyzing and interpreting results from research conducted.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • Tact and negotiation skills.   
  • Must possess field specific technical language relevant in the job area.   
  • Proactive in developing clients business.   
  • Extensive IT skills.   
  • Ability to prioritise.   
  • Ability to identify problems and offer solutions.   
  • Work well under pressure.   
  • Open and friendly personality.

   Candidate must possess the ff.

o Handle quantitative/qualitative data(review this data, perform statistical and mathematical operations and determine relation through  analysis)
o Data review: To forecast future trends based on (Global, Industry, Consumer and Market trends), using relevant software.
o Adapt, select and use appropriate/relevant software and tool for work.
o Summarize gathered info/data to the understanding of non tech personnel/ clients showing relationships of research to their work.
o With informed outcomes from research conducted and justifications, to make recommendations to  Management/Client to aid in decision making.


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